Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seriously this time....

I have recently fallen in love with Google Chrome and there is an extension (aka application in most worlds) called scribefire that is AWESOME for blogging. All I have to do is click a button and this page pulls up where I can blog to my hearts desire. I don't think there is anyone reading this....especially since i sort of haven't blogged in FOREVER. But here goes......

I am home from work this morning with a migraine...but it hurts too bad to sleep. It hurts too bad to look at this computer screen too. Maybe I should just sit in silence in my misery! I took a Maxalt so hopefully the drugs will work their magic soon. Ok, I will be working on another blog post shortly..I just wanted to try this scribefire thingy out. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing catch up...

I know I have said this before but I am going to try and catch myself up on here! Starting with Christmas....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Am I terrible or what!

It's been almost a month since I posted! Things have been crazy. You'd think being jobless would afford me some time to get some things done but I think I'm busier now than I was when I was employeed.

Well this past week, Michael was on vacation. It was WONDERFUL! We got to spend so much time together and we did so much that I think now he needs a vacation from his vacation. First off, on Tuesday last week I road tripped with some of my girlfriends to Paula Deen's buffet in Tunica. It was Holly's birthday and that's where she wanted to go so that's what we did. It was Dee-licious! I was so stuffed that I didn't eat until lunch the next day.

On Wednesday, I went to Dyersburg to re-drop off my job application at DHS (already had the interview and pretty sure I have the job). The lady keeps telling me that she has "a good reason" for being so persistent with me about the updated application and hopefully she will have "good news" for me soon. I think she just can't tell me officially that they want to hire me.

Thursday, Michael and I headed to Nashville to do some shopping and to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes. It was such a good day! The Rockettes are so much fun and we really enjoyed the show. It certainly got us into the Christmas spirit.

Friday night, we picked up both kids after school, picked up Michael's mom and headed to Memphis to go see the Starry Nights show at Shelby Farms. It was...ok. I won't make a special trip for it again with two kids because they really got tired of waiting in the car line. They were both passed out before we left the Park. Oh and we got rear-ended in the car line. Fun stuff!

Saturday we had a Chucky Cheese birthday party for of Livy's dear friends from Gram's daycare. Livy started at that daycare when she was 18 months and left just this past August to go to school. She misses Maddie so much! Saturday night, mom and dad took care of Livy and took her to see the Princess and the Frog while Michael and I went to our Sunday School progressive dinner Christmas party. It was alot of fun too!

Sunday, church, the Nutcracker production, church, school work, bed!!! The Nutcracker was so good and Livy watched intently as they danced. She is taking ballet right now and I'm hoping she sticks with it. I just couldn't believe how well she behaved and how interested she was!

Michael and I in front of one of the massive trees at the Opryland. We had to take pics of ourselves.

Livy with Maddie (center) and another friend

Livy and Ethan in front of the carousel at the mall before Starry Nights

Livy and Maddie BFF's

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chasing the job cause the job won't chase me

Today Michael and I are driving to Nashville so I can take a "written exam" for state employment with DHS. There is no way to study for this written exam. I have talked to one of the girls that works at DHS and took the test 7 years ago, she says it is mostly alot of math and vocabulary. I think it is just to determine if you are competent or not. Although I loathe the thought of working in that type of environment, I think the benefits outway the negatives. I got WAY too used to the flexibility of my sales job and the potential for flexible income. However, once I get into state employment it will be easier to move around to different areas if I want to in the future. My dad's retirement package was AWESOME so that's definately a plus too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My little ballerina

Olivia is loving dance and is soooo good at it! It's really helping with her attention span and this constructive activity is really going to do her good in the long run. Did I mention she's good at it? She's either got the body of a dancer or of a runner. Haven't decided yet. She is the longest leanest one in her class. She's just naturally built that way. She has got some muscles too!!

I think she's just so cute!

I guess I need to get one of her looking like a dancer instead of a gymnast....

Welcome to the world...

First there was this......

and then there was this......

and out came.....this!!!!

And now we have.....

one very PROUD little cousin.(sorry for poor pic quality it was taken on my phone)

My sister is soooo amazing!! She was swollen to a ridiculious size and it was very painful for her to even walk at the end. She was put on bed rest I believe a week before she delivered. Her original due date was not until October 11th but they went ahead and induced on August 31st.

Emily Kate is a beautiful baby. She is now almost 3 months old and is even more beautiful with every passing day! Over the past few weeks she has started goo goo gah gahing and her eyelashes are ridiculously long and dark! She has blue eyes which I'm assuming are from my mom since Eric and Kelly both have brown eyes. She is the MOST pleasent contented baby I have ever been around and she is such a joy in our lives.

The love I have for that baby is likened to the love I have for my own daughter. Thank you Kelly and Eric for such a beautiful neice! Olivia and I love her to death.


I think he might've thought she was gonna spit up lol

Love these two!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a few things...

1. I am LOVING the time I am getting to spend with my family right now. It is ridiculous how much I have been missing out on just being so stressed out over work obligations when I really needed to be focusing more on my daughter and the rest of my family. It is seriously making me reconsider my career goals.

2. Olivia is a drama queen. There..I said it. It is true! I don't think anyone will deny it. But, it just becomes more and more obvious to me as time goes on that teenage years are NOT going to be fun. Period.

3. Note to self: Everytime a child puts their head down, stops talking, and complains of a tummy ache for more than an is usually not going to end well! Yes, Michael and Ethan were getting ready to leave tonight and while Michael and I were discussing something we turned around and Ethan had jetted to the bathroom. You guessed it. Hey I have to give him much credit and high fives for making it to the toilet because that would be NO fun. I just pray he is ok and doesn't have a bug...and that if he does, it just kind of stays confined to him!!